Ali Jennings
Ali Jennings
Neuroscientist // Presenter // Film-maker

Science is adventure. 

Scientists explore the places no-one goes - and discover things no-one has ever seen. It's beauty, complexity and adventure found at the corner of a microscope slide, or in an underground, atom-smashing, mega-tunnel.

And I love that. So that's what I talk about.


Catch my most recent report on the pick of science discoveries last month from Inside Science!

You can also catch me on the Nature Podcast and recently on How Hacks Work, broadcast on Viasat explore, unpicking the science behind a variety of crazy hacks!

My award-winning films explore scientific ideas through narrative and drama.

Stories are the most powerful way to explain even the most complicated ideas - I think science communication should make use of that.

I am also a videographer for companies, institutions and charities including Nature, Pint of Science and Exeter University.


Ali is represented by Presenters Inc.

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